Districts joined us voluntarily: Bolan,  Jaffarabad,  D.M.Jalali, Turbat,  Gawadar,  Washuk,  Kharan,  Makran,  Loralai,  Chaman,  Pishin,  Jhal Magsi, Khuzdar, Dalbandin, Barkhan, Kohlo, Kech, Killa Saifullah, Lasbela, Mastung, Noshki, Panjgoor, Quetta, Shirani





(i) The Association shall be called “Treasury & Accounts Employees Association Balochistan. (TAEAB)
(ii) The Constitution shall be enforced from the first day of July, 2012.
(iii) “JURISDICTION” Province of the Balochistan.
(iv) “Association” means “Treasury & Accounts Employees Association Balochistan. (TAEAB)
(v) “Central Body” means all “office bearers” of (TAEAB)
(vi) “Executive Committee” means “Body consisting of 1 President and 6 members on Divisional Bases.
(vii) District President “Means” One District president shall be elected from each District.

The head quarter of the association shall be at “Quetta”.

(i) To provide a Platform through which the problems and Difficulties Confront to the members in discharging on their duties are tackled so as to enable the members to lead their lives with honor and dignity.
(ii) To work as responsible agent/representative of Treasury Service employee.
(iii) To struggle in order to accelerate the progress and efficiency of the Treasury service.
(iv) To develop the sprit of mutual co-operation and unity amongst the Treasury staff.
(v) To remove all the difficulties which are against the common interest of the employees and approach the higher authorities for the removal of troubles/grievances.

(vi) To struggle to run the Treasury service on modern lines and improvement of accounting system according to the rules and regulations.
(vii) To point out the flaws/ defects in rules and regulations of the service and in office routine/ procedure to the notice of the Government and struggle to remove them.
(viii) To safe-guard the rights and interests of the members and struggle to achieve them by all lawful means.
(ix) Eradication of corruption of all kind in Treasury service.

(i) Each official (B-1 to B-16) will automatically be considered as a member of association since the enters in Treasury & Accounts Service.
(ii) But one when he becomes a member of Association all the rules and regulation of the association are applicable upon him.
(iii) No need of filling up the membership form.
(iv) Each member will contribute a suitable amount on monthly basis to run the financial matters of association. (Except class iv)

(1) Chairman (2) Vice Chairman (3) President
(4) Senior Vice president (5) Vice President (6) General Secretary
(7) Deputy General Secretary (8) Organizer (9) Treasurer
(10) Press Secretary (11) Office Secretary (12) Secretary Coordination.


(i) Empowered to accept or reject the resignation tendered by any of the office bearers of the association, District President or Executive members / President of Executive committee.

(ii) In case of non-acceptance, Chairman is authorized to reject any resignation if only presented twicely, but at the third time if the said resignation tendered again, the executive committee reserved the right to decide it.
(iii) Empower to give the sanction of the excess expenditure incurred beyond the limits of the president & General Secretary.
(iv) Empower to approve or reject any, resolution, Proposal, motion, question, memorandum of association by majority before it is submitted to Government or higher authorities.
(v) Empower to decide election dispute in case of protest lodged by any member or office bearer or District president or member of executive committee. The appeal can be filled within 15 days from the date of election and shall be decided by the chairman within one month or earlier as the case may be.

In the absence of chairman shall exercise the power of the chairman.

(i) Shall preside over all the meetings of the central body/ executive committee.
(ii) Shall responsible to exercise control over all the activities of the Association.
(iii) Shall be the supreme power of the association.
(iv) Shall lead all those delegates which happen to see higher authorities from time to time in connection with their problems/ demands, if deemed necessary.
(v) Empower to incur an expenditure of Rs. 10000/- per month In case of excess expenditure the approval of executive committee shall be obtained.
(vi) All Executive actions shall be taken by the president as to day-to-day affairs or under his directions by the General Secretary.

(vii) Empower to suspend any member / District President temporarily, but the case would be put up before the executive committee for final decision.
During the period of suspension member / District President cannot exercise his vote.
(viii) President is accountable before the executive committee.
(ix) Only the president is empower to call a meeting in call cases, if deemed necessary.
(x) President is empowered to include or exclude any resolution/ proposal/ motion/ question etc, in the agenda after due scrutiny but he should have sufficient reason/ justification to do so.
(xi) President is empowered to call an emergent meeting at any time without notice and special meeting on 48 hours notice.
(xii) Empower to keep in reserve a suitable amount for unforeseen charges.
(xiii) To carry out the policies/ decisions of the executive committee.

In the absence of the president shall exercise the powers of the president.

In the absence of the Senior Vice President shall exercise the powers of the senior Vice President

(i) Shall be responsible for over all managements.
(ii) Shall be responsible to conduct the business of the association and put up the report to the last meeting before the house.
(iii) Shall submit monthly/ quarterly progress report to the president.
(iv) Shall be responsible for the maintenance/ up keep of the record of the association in best suitable manners.
(v) Empower to sign all kind of the association correspondence on behalf of the president.

(vi) Empower to use the funds of the association up to the extent of Rs. 5000/- per month. In case of expenditure in excess, the approval of the executive committee shall be obtained.
(vii) To get audited the accounts of the association annually.
(viii) Empower to keep in reserve Rs. 1000/- for unforeseen charges.
(ix) May recommend Finding to president against the executive committee / Office bearer of central body/ District President, if found guilty against the interest of association.
(x) Shall carry out the policies / decisions of the executive committee/ central body.
In the absence of the general secretary, shall exercise the powers of the General Secretary.

To organize the organization.

(i) Empower to collect the contribution and maintain the accounts accordingly.
(ii) Shall prepare the income and expenditure statements of accounts of the association.
(iii) Empower to operate the account with the bank under the joint signature of himself and the General Secretary with the approval of president.
(iv) Empower to incur the expenditure under the signature of the president or General Secretary.
(v) Rs. 1,000/- will kept in reserve with him as unforeseen charges The president is empower to check it any time. The sanction from General Secretary will be necessary.
(vi) Empower to issue notices to the defaulters members who fail to deposit monthly contribution to the central body under intimation to the president & General Secretary.

(vii) Shall submit up to date position of accounts/ funds (Income & Expenditure) in detail in each meeting of executive committee.

Shall be responsible to give wide publicity of the activities of the association in order to strengthen the organization and in this connection will abide by the instructions/ directions of the president.

Shall maintain the office record properly.

Shall make coordination amongst Districts/ Provinces

In Order to conduct the business of the association the formation of the executive committee is essential. The executive committee shall exercise full control/ check over the activities of the association.
(i) Shall Consist of 7 members (one President and 6 Divisional executive members) Executive shall elect a president and Executive member shall elect by the District presidents of such Division.
(ii) ½ members will form the quorum of the meeting.
(iii) The meeting of the executive committee shall at least be held once after three months by rotation or Earlier (as case may be).
(iv) Empower to accept or reject the resignation tendered by any of office bearer, in case of it is already rejected by the Chairman twicely.
(v) Empower to set up the sub committee for any work.
(vi) In case of any dispute arising at any level (Whatever the case may be) should be referred to executive committee and in this respect the decision of executive committee shall be final.

(vii) To chalk out the policies in order to get fulfilled the demands/ Solution of problems/ redress the grievances.
(viii) In Case of removal from any office bearer the election should be conducted in the next meeting of the executive committee (in case of office bearer or central body). But in case of District President the election shall be conducted by the concerned staff within 15 days. Disqualified or removed office bearer will not remain the member of the respective body.
(ix) Only the executive committee is empowered to make amendment in the constitution by majority.
(x) Meeting once convene of central body/ Executive Committee cannot be postponed or adjourned except lack of quorum.
(xi) The District Presidents who fail to represent their District at any level for two continuous meeting of the executive body will lost his post. If no confidence motion passed by members of the District against him he will not be able to act the activities of a District representative.
(xii) If any District executive member is found guilty working against the common interest of the association he is liable to removal from membership or office by the executive committee on the recommendation of the president/ General Secretary or central body.
(xiii) In case of removal from office bearer, the member shall be served with a show cause notice before taking any final action against him. The removal shall be for such period as is decided by the executive committee. During the period of removal from membership, the said member cannot exercise his vote in any of the matters/ affairs of the association.

(i) The Association shall hold its general meeting once a every year on such date as the president may decide.

(ii) Special General meeting may be convened by the president and/or upon a requisition in writing signed and addressed to the president at least by one fourth (1/4) of the total number of members of the association stating in writing the purpose for which such special General meeting is desired to be convened upon requisition with the approval of the president the General Secretary shall notify the date of such special General Meeting.
(iii) One Sixth (1/6) of the total number of members of the Association shall constitute a quorum of a General Meeting of the Association provided no quorum shall be necessary for an adjourned Meeting.

(i) The Election of the Office bearer of the Association shall be held in the month of July.
(ii) The tenure of each office bearer at all level shall be for two years.
(iii) Election shall be held purely in democratic manner/ basis by secret ballet one man one vote at all level.
(iv) Only Sub Accountant, Assistant Accountant, A.C.O shall cast their vote for central body.
(v) The officiating General Secretary shall chalk out the program of the election at all level and circulate it well in advance amongst the members of the organization.
(vi) The President shall fix the date of election with consultation of cabnit before two months of completion of his tenure.
(vii) One member cannot hold two offices in the same organization at provincial level, but can hold office in All Pakistan Treasury & Accounts Service Association.
(viii) All office bearer of existing body shall cease functioning after the completion of new election or after completion of tenure of 2 years.
(ix) District President shall be elected from each District amongst the members of such District every member of the District is entitled to vote.

(x) Every member shall be entitled to either propose or second one each nomination paper of the candidate for any one post of office bearers.
(xi) Nomination paper is accompanied with a nomination fee of Rs. 2000/= for the post of chairman, Vice Chairman, President, Senior Vice president, Vice President, Rs. 1500/- for the post of General Secretary, Deputy General Secretary, Organizer, Treasurer, Information Secretary, Rs. 1000/-. For the post of District President Member Executive Committee, President, Executive Committee.

(i) All the Treasury officers/ District Accounts officers of the Balochistan may perform the duties of the election officer of central body and ATO/ADAO for District level.
(ii) The election officer shall be informed about the coming election 1 Month before the date of conduct of any election.
(iii) The election officer so appointed shall remain in power till the final decision of the election.
(iv) The nomination papers shall be submitted to election officer at least 15 days before the date of election for scrutiny and eligibility.
(v) The nomination papers can be withdrawn 10 days before the date of election.
(vi) The election officer has power to reject any incomplete nomination papers at all level, one day before the date of election.
(vii) The result of the election shall be announced there and then by the election officer under his signature after compilation.

11. OATH:
(i) The Oath taking Ceremony may be held at any subsequent date convenient to them.
(ii) The Finance Minister/ Secretary Finance Department/ Chief Inspector of Treasuries and Accounts or any other may take Oath from the newly elected office bearer.

(i) The Appeal / Protest can be filled / lodged by the member of central body, District level or Executive members to the chairman in case of any election dispute within 15 days after the date of election and the decision of the chairman shall be final in this respect.

(i) Each member except class IV shall have to contribute a suitable amount per month or as decided by the concerned body by majority.
(ii) Contribution may be raised in emergency.
(iii) Contribution shall be remitted monthly to the central body by each District.
(iv) The association shall be held responsible to extend all kind of legal protection and financial help to a member or office bearer who happen to put himself in any hardship. Financial assistance is refundable after the case of the said member is finally decided by the authorities or as the case may be.
(v) Each and every member may check the account of the association on 7 days notice.

(i) President or any office bearer is liable to removal by passing a motion of no confidence against him, by the majority of District President and executive committee.
(ii) To put of the motion of no confidence vote is essential that at least 2/3 members should exercise their vote in favour.
(iii) If any office bearer is removed from any office through passing a vote of no confidence or withdraw himself from any office the senior most member of the body will take over the charge of this duties at once.
(iv) If the aforesaid instance occurs three months before the forth coming elections then the election is not necessary to be conducted.

(v) But in case, where the said period exceed three months, the election for relevant office be conducted in the next meeting of executive committee (in case of central body ) and within 15 days (in case of District level).

No motion against any office bearer shall be entertained by a respective body or executive committee within 90 days from the date of election.
N.B. (i) The further amendments may, however, be made in these rules and regulations by majority under intimation to all concerned.
(ii) The association at District level shall strictly adopt the same rules and regulation in all cases as soon as it is adopted by the Balochistan Treasury & Accounts Service Association.